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    I am from India and been smoking a pack a day (stinkies) since last 15 years.. really desperate to quit. I brought an Endura Innokin T18 kit about couple of months back; however, still not able to get rid of cigs. I still smoke around 6-8 cigs along with vaping. So now I smoke as well as vape!
    Got a starter e juice pack from the vendor (online) along with the kit. Couple of fruit, tobacco flavors – 10/15 ml, 70VG, 3 MG Nic pack. The issue is I keep going back to cigs. Guess the T18 or the e juices does not hit the spot.
    As mentioned earlier, I am a newbie and not looking at DIY kits.
    Can someone suggest me a setup (Mods, tanks,coils, e juices – something fruity etc) that might help me. I have been on the multiple forums trying to understand which would suit me, but all it got is getting me more confused.
    Also, the government here in India is trying to ban Vape all together and the place i am in does not have a retail store where I can go and try the stuff before buying.

    Thanks in Advance.


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    if your new to it then u must go with Basic vaping kits and try to quit smoking with Smoka E-liquids. The Amount of Nicotine strength in nicotine is depend upon how many cig u smoke per day.

    Suppose, U take 3 to 6 per day then u can go for 0.6% Strength, if u take 6 to 12 then u can go for 1.2% strength and if more than that u can go for 1.8% strength.

    As u’r smoker, after few months of fairly usage of Smoka Liquids, u can go for nicotine free liquids and slowly slowly to u quit your smoking habit.

    cus that time u actually not smoke a cigarette u take vapors of flavors liquids and after usage of it approximately one to two year u successfully quit your smoking habit.

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