is there anyone who can share there quit smoking journey ?

Forums Your Story of Quit Smoking is there anyone who can share there quit smoking journey ?

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  • shubham

    I am new to vaping so need to know brief about those who successfully quit their smoking habit

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  • vclub

    No one can Quit their Smoking habit so easily, but there are more alternatives which help her to quit. basically i left my habit with vaping and it gives me best result, now i am non smoker completely and live healthy smoke free life. Also many of woman already started vaping in India, so u can tell her to start vaping.

    It’s same as smoking but 95% less harmful than it, so she get same pleasure of smoking with vaping, and she will surely quit.

    Vaping is not harmful cus it does not contain any harmful chemicals like tobacco ,tar and many more which present in cigarette. It contain only nicotine and some vegetable flavors which are used for the test.

    If she is new to smoking then she can go for Inzio900 starter kit which is very easy to use and handy , if smoke 6 to 10 cigarette per day then she can go for 0.6% nicotine strength of smoka e-liquids if more than that then she can prefer 1.2% or 1.8 if more than that.

    There are many website in India which sell good quality vaping stuff and using that people successfully quit their smoking habit.

    Hope this will help her, Thank you

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