Is there any effective way to quit smoking?

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  • shubham

    Hey Hi,
    I’m shubham from mumbai, i am a hard core chain smoker and need to quit my smoking habit, i take 20 cigarettes per day is there any one here who guide me for how i can rid over it. i heard about that vaping is help people to quit their smoking habit, so is it work for me ?

    Thanks & Regards

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  • vclub


    Vape Products are definitely helpful for 10000+ customers to quit smoking.

    In India too many smokers are already quit their smoking habit and switch to vaping cus its best alternative which gives same pleasure and its 95% less harmful than smoking also it doesn’t contain any additional chemicals which causes cancer.

    If you wanna switch to vaping from smoking u can get the vape stuff from top selling website like vapeadda, ivape and many more.

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    You should try to give up smoking by going cold turkey, but if that doesn’t help, I propose you using an e-cig. That’s a good option to give up smoking tobacco. There’s one great site where you can buy electronic cigarette online, you should really try it. You won’t want to touch another cigarette in your life. I’ve managed to quit it, now I use e-cigs.

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