How to change my photo and signature in pan card?

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    I am getting some of errors in my pan card application. I try to apply my new pan card in portal address for government. In that process is very easy and simple for me. My friend guide for applying in online. I am feeling very easy and good for me. In that pan card application is getting my personal information like name , father name, contact details, permanent address and photo with signature. I have given my passport size photo and given good signature also. But my pan card is getting wrong signature and photo is also wrong.
    It is getting others details as correct. Can i change that information? What are the steps i can follow for change my photo and signature. I need clear and understandable nature of advices from you. I can follow the all steps in proper way. But how is it possible for these errors. My pan card related documents and matters are entered with correct in my application form. I need to given that in bank for withdraw my saving amount.
    I need to buy a car for my family to travel. I am getting trouble for taken all my family members for temple and other places. So i have decided to buy a car. I want to submit my pan card for get my money from bank and also buying the car. Please help me friends, i want to insert my photo and signature in the pan card. I am getting some of instructions and ideas from online parties. I am ready to submit all evidence and documents for change my pan card signature.
    I have choose the car and color also. My friends are helping me to choose that. My favorite color and I am very happy also. My husband given support for that. But I getting only trouble for my pan card errors. Please given me possible solution

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