How do I support a friend who wants to quit smoking?

Forums Technical Help/Support How do I support a friend who wants to quit smoking?

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  • shubham

    My friend is a chain smoker and he want to quit smoking and his taking 2 to 3 cigarettes per day but as of now he’s too much addicted to it and nothing was help him to rid it out, is that vape would help him to quit

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  • vclub

    Yes, As Your Friend is addicted to smoking he can’t Quit his habit

    He need some amount of nicotine pleasure for his body but he can quit it slowly by switching to vaping cus its 95% Less Harmful than Smoking.

    He can go for basic kits if he new to vaping with smoka E-liquids as of he is new to it which available on many ecommerce website available in India like Vapeadda and ivape

    AIO BOX Kit is surely Helpful to him because this was made for beginners. Also as u said that he is chai smoker then he can go with highest strength of nicotine strength Smoka E-liquids which is 1.8% for those who take more than 18 cigarettes per day.

    As he’s used to it after some time he can decrease the strength of nicotine as he want to quit and finally he can go with 0% nicotine free liquids.

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