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    Sorry kinda long but it’s an intro so….. I’m Herby, in jan 2015 I tried the cigarette looking things, the flavor of certain ones reminded me of certain things I’d rather forget, tried some others, but after a few pulls, it was like breathing air, got a Nautilus and a stick to go with it, three Nautilus gave me a headache and I still wasn’t getting that feeling in my throat and lungs like a cig, I think next I got a eleaf istick 50 and a Melo tank or the delta 2, had both not sure which was first, it was better, but I still wasn’t getting what I wanted out of it, went back to cigs for a few months, then got a sigelei 213 with a tfv4 micro, that was better still, but still not what I was looking for, I tried various other mods/tanks, the hardest part was finding a juice I could tolerate all day t that wasn’t so darn sweet, I settled on a vanilla tobacco for a while till they changed their pricing and quantities, looked around some more on 6 the endless juice hunt, settled on strawberry doughnut, then a friend of mine started a juice company, though i only liked one of his flavors, i found I needed to up my nic, the more I went up the more I started getting what I was looking for, eventually got some rda’s, I think my first was a mutation something or another, then I think it was the black widow, I’ve had too many tanks and rda’s to name them all, in any case, since about August of 2015 I haven’t had a cig, I have far more equipment than I need, in my daily rotation, for work purge twisted with drop dead rda, hcigar vt75 with modshield case and Zenith on top, rainbow luxotic kit, pulse 80w with either wasp nano or drop solo, and sometimes hcigar vt75C dna with zeus dual using single coils, and an artery pal, at home 2 paranormal 250c dna’s each with a zeus dual in single coil, thinkvape finder dna 200 with soloman 2 on top, pulse 80w with either ammit mtl rda or galaxies vapefly rda, lost vape Mirage dna 75c with zenith on top, project sub ohm simple ex and the Artery pal, i have several others but those are the ones I use pretty much every day, sub ohm at 12 to 24 nic, mtl at 24 or 32, salt nics at 35 and 45, i build my own coils most of the time, nothing real fancy yet, but I’m getting there, I’m in some other forums and a few things on fb, and have recently saw alot of things I’d really like to have that I’d never heard of before, so i intend to start upgrading to more higher end stuff, and getting rid of the things I don’t use much or at all anymore. Less is more in 6 that aspect for me I guess. I’m pretty quiet, read alot but don’t say alot, i have some knowledge I can share, but haven’t used many of the newer tanks so I can’t really offer advice about them most of the time anyways, it’s now over half way through 2018, and I spend way too much money on gear, but it’s still better than cigs or other bad habits I used to have that were far more expensive, I work overnights too, and don’t generally have a lot of spare time, these forums and fb groups have opened up a whole new world for me, so many beautiful devices with excellent craftsmanship, and the knowledge shared and advice given is just amazing to me, so hope to learn and share, vape on friends!


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